All AMA rules apply as well as the club rules below:


1.) There should be no deliberate controlled flying behind the Pilots Stations.

2.) All flyers must be current AMA Members and Club Members. All Members are to have and display their membership card in order to fly.

3.) Each transmitter should display frequency identification.

4.) Taxing is NOT allowed in the pit area.

5.) It is strongly recommended that members do not fly alone.

6.) Children are NOT permitted beyond the spectator area.

7.) The frequency control board will be used at all times.

8.) All flying must be from one end of the runway as determined by the wind direction.

9.) Flight operations will stop during electrical storms.

10.) Models will fly in predesignated areas.

11.) If others are waiting, use of a given frequency is limited to 12 minutes.

12.) Visiting flyers (who must be AMA Members) must be accompanied by a club member and comply with all flying field regulations. The club member is responsible for the actions of their guest.

13.) Each Flyer is responsible for any damage they cause.

14.) No flying over neighboring property or the retrieval of downed aircraft without the owner's permission.

15.) Beginners are the responsibility of their designated instructor/pilot until competence has been determined.

16.) Absolutely no flying is permitted over the spectator or parking areas.

17.) All trash including cigarette butts must be placed in its appropriate receptacle. Trash control is the responsibility of each member.

18.) Absolutely no Alcoholic Beverages are allowed prior or during flying.

NOTICE: Any violation of these Field Rules will be grounds for immediate temporary suspension of flying privileges. The Club Officers will determine penalties.